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Nature is a whore

Been re-reading Who Killed Kurt Cobain, and rediscovering my love for the kings of grunge, Nirvana. It’s a really interesting book for any Kurt fan, exploring other possible reasons for his death, besides suicide.

Anyway, In Bloom has always been a favourite of mine. Song starts around 0:35…enjoy x

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In my opinion, Jet are one of the most underrated bands around. People only ever seemed to have heard of Are You Gonna Be My Girl, when they have a plethora of other just as catchy songs. Here is one of my favourite live rock performances; two great songs, an energetic band, and a crazy crazy crowd.

oh yes. x

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Let’s make this last forever

Absolute classic. Needs no introduction or reason as to why I love it.
I had a lot of fun today, this song featured. 

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