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angels in the architecture


Great take on Paul Simon’s original.



Nature is a whore

Been re-reading Who Killed Kurt Cobain, and rediscovering my love for the kings of grunge, Nirvana. It’s a really interesting book for any Kurt fan, exploring other possible reasons for his death, besides suicide.

Anyway, In Bloom has always been a favourite of mine. Song starts around 0:35…enjoy x

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WARNING: may induce epilepsy

Really love this catchy, electro-rock vibe. Some of AWOLNATION’s other stuff is sweet too, e.g. Kill Your Heroes and Sail.
The video is also entertaining(and flashy) and made listening to the song that much easier (not that it needed to be).

Check it out x

p.s. is it only me that sees a uncanny resemblance of Michael Cera in front-man Aaron Bruno?!

Little Green Cars

Stumbled across this whilst trawling the interweb in my typical haphazard fashion. Loved the really chilled out vibe, accompanied with a just as chilly music video. 

Cool x

Man on Fire

Rainy day song x

You’re my sweetheart


In fact, “Ho Hey” deserves it’s own post… Hope I’m not getting repetitive x

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My Mumford

The Lumineers – Flowers in Your Hair

  For some reason, wordpress is not letting me embed the video so a link will have to do for today.
Anyway, I found this gem whilst catching up on season 4 of Parenthood and immediately fell in love. I then went on to listen to their self-titled debut album and really really love it. Mumford and Sons never really hit the spot for me, I always felt as if they were missing a little something. I think The Lumineers have become my Mumford. Their blend of catchy acoustic-folk has really drawn me in; a definite album purchase on the cards. 

Listen and check out their other stuff; “Hey Ho” in particular.

Also, check out the twitter:

Thanks x

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favourite band favourite songs favourite crowd favourite video

In my opinion, Jet are one of the most underrated bands around. People only ever seemed to have heard of Are You Gonna Be My Girl, when they have a plethora of other just as catchy songs. Here is one of my favourite live rock performances; two great songs, an energetic band, and a crazy crazy crowd.

oh yes. x

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This piece of music by pianist, Ludovici Einaudi is one I listen to almost daily. Its sweet but sad opening is juxtaposed against the rising hopefulness that begins to emerge towards the end. 

Great song to have on in the background of life, enjoy x

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I’m not a weirdo


Didn’t really understand all the buzz surrounding The Vaccines. When I listened to their first album it seemed to me to be fairly uninspiring but having listened to their most recent album “Come of Age”, my opinion has been altered. It’s quite a diverse record, some very catchy riffs reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys as well as this number which has an Alt-J, chilled summer vibe to it. It’s not a perfect album, but it’s pretty damn good. 

Have fun x

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