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Jewish-reggae exists

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Damien Rice – Delicate

One of the best live performances of any song I’ve heard.


Up and Down

Up and down song for an up and down day x

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Let’s make this last forever

Absolute classic. Needs no introduction or reason as to why I love it.
I had a lot of fun today, this song featured. 

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King Hoodie


King Charles is an independent, indie-pop singer/songwriter from West London.  Hoodie Allen is a Jewish rapper born and raised in New York. How these two came together, I have no idea..but I am so glad they did. Using the backing from King Charles’ “Love Lust”, Hoodie creates a fun, catchy and feel-good track that should definitely have many more views than it does. Listen and share x

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Happy songs for sad times

Lots of work, lots of pressure, little fun. 
Take some time out, listen to this…relax and enjoy. 

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…unless you do this with me

For those of you who don’t know, following the announcement of Blink-182’s hiatus in 2005, Tom DeLonge went on to head up alt-rock group Angels and Airwaves. This one is off their debut album “We Don’t Need To Whisper”, and I love it. 

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Those films with awesome soundtracks…

I was re-watching American Pie 1/2 earlier. The soundtrack is so punk-poppy; lots of Sum 41, Blink, All American Rejects etc. Reminds me of growing up listening to those same songs on my USB MP3 player which I won’t say I miss…I don’t. 
This is just one of many happy and nostalgic tunes, give it a whirl. 

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Summer’s end

Fell in love with this band, and particularly this song over summer. Very chilled and very useful when I’m feeling down and out (right now). Hope you love it as much as I do x

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